Bio-remediation using natural enzymes

 Mold Solutions uses a natural enzyme product that quickly eliminates mold and mold spores
 without the need for toxic chemicals. We use proven science to speed up and improve mold remediation. 

                      -Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable Green product                                   
                      -Safe for people, pets and plants
                      -Works quickly and economically
                      -Our price has no "add-ons".
                      -Safe for you, deadly for mold! 

Mold spores are airborne and can spread throughout your home, so we treat your entire living space including heat ducts
instead of just a room or two. This usually costs less than old fashioned remediation, which often uses air scrubber machines 
for 3 or 4 days, at an additional cost.

Mold Solutions fogs the indoor air which breaks down the cell walls of spores.  A home or office up to 4,000 square feet can generally be done in 48 hours, including Air Testing after treatment .  Air Testing verifies that the indoor mold spore counts are now comparable to the natural outdoor spore counts.  Lab Results are available the next business day and emailed to you.

We also treat the HVAC system (Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning) because mold spores are often in the ductwork and will spread from ducts and contaminated areas to the whole building.  Sending the mist through your HVAC system ensures that the spores are removed from your air handler and air ducts. Left untreated, your HVAC system could recontaminate the entire property.   

We can also do Air Testing after remediation is done by other companies.  Please see Services page for more info about Air Testing.

Solving Mold problems
   is our only business.
      Mold problems?  
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   Natural enzymes have been used to eliminate mold in thousands of properties since 1984.  Homes, offices, schools and Government properties have been treated and their mold problems solved.    
   This is a safe, natural, commercial-strength product with guaranteed results.
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                     Our Remediation

   - Biodegradable, safe for you, deadly for mold
   - Fast!  About 48 hrs, start to finish
   - Economical.  No added costs
   - HVAC system included
​   - Air Testing after Remediation included
      with Lab Results the next business day

   Solving Mold Problems is our ONLY business.

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                       Oregon based company
             Old fashioned treatments

-Toxic chemicals in your home
-Often: added costs for air scrubbers for a few days
-Only one room or area is treated?
-Treatment in the HVAC system?
-Air Testing after treatment to verify results?