Mold & Moisture Inspections

A Mold and Moisture Inspection
is often the first step in eliminating
a mold problem.
Inspections generally take one to two hours. When a property has a specific problem area, we evaluate that first.

We also pay special attention to:
 - water stains, signs of mold or         
 - exterior drainage including gutters,   
      siding, windows
 - plumbing in kitchens, bathrooms,  
      laundry rooms, hot tubs
 - attics and crawlspaces
 - ventilation

     This property inspection is specifically
         and only for mold and moisture.

  Mold Solutions provides specialized services that identify and solve mold and moisture related problems.   
  We do not use toxic chemicals.  No "add-ons" to our price. We do Air Sampling after Remediation.
                  Air Testing

Air Testing compares the types and quantities of mold spores indoors vs. outdoors. Relatively higher indoor counts indicate a mold and air quality problem.

            Recommended for: 
  • Buyers & Sellers needing facts:  contaminated or clean?    
  • Employer and Landlord liability  issues
  • Home owners concerned about    their  indoor air quality
  • Post Remediation Verification -        
​            if you hired someone else,  
            is the mold really gone??

         Mold Remediation

  Mold Remediation means removing the mold growth and the airborne mold spores.

  We use TM-100, a blend of natural enzymes and organic compounds that removes the mold quickly and safely.  NO toxic chemicals
or "add-ons" to our price. ​Our process is safe, efficient and economical.

  After remediation,we conduct Air Sampling  (Post Remediation Verification)  to verify that the indoor mold spore counts are similar to the outdoor control sample. 

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Mold Remediation

Mold Solutions uses a natural enzyme product that quickly eliminates mold and mold spores.  Old fashioned methods use toxic chemicals; 
our natural enzymes are fast, safe, effective
and economical.

       - Natural, bio-degradable green product
       - Safe for people, pets and plants
​       - Safe for you, deadly for mold!

After Remediation, we do Air Testing.
You receive the Lab Results in your

Natural enzymes have been used effectively
in thousands of properties since 1984.  Homes, offices, schools and government properties
have been safely treated and their mold problems solved.     

        More info on the "Mold Cleanup" page.