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  Buying a home for your residence or as a Rental involves a wide variety of decisions. 
A top priority is protecting the health and ​safety of your family, guests or renters.  When a property   might have mold or moisture problems, you can get answers by calling Mold Solutions
for information about Mold and Moisture Inspections, Air Testing, or Mold Remediation.             

  You don't have to avoid properties you're interested in simply because they might have mold . . .

                                 1- You may get an excellent price!
                                 2- We can solve the mold problem.
                                 3- You can take possession ASAP! 

  Selling your property can take longer when there are questions about mold or moisture problems. 
Home Inspectors may note "possible microbial growths" or "discoloration", particularly in the attic.
We can often schedule a Mold and Moisture Inspection within 24 to 48 hours to accelerate
your sale.

  Air Testing documents indoor mold spores with an independent lab analysis of the samples.
Your Lab Report via e-mail has text and graphics comparing the indoor and outdoor spore types
and quantities... usually available the next business day!  We are happy to provide further explanation of your lab report as needed.

  If your property has mold, our Mold Remediation, using natural, non-toxic enzymes,
will have your property market-ready quickly and economically.  We Air Test after remediation
so you'll have a report from the Lab for buyers and real estate agents.    503.391.7779                                                                                                                    
Mold problems?  
Call Mold Solutions
      877.491.7779    ​

   Real Estate Professionals
 Some Buyers and Agents avoid properties with mold...
 Increase your opportunities and commissions by knowing who to call about mold problems!

Air Testing: Lab results are usually available next business day!  The e-mail report documents
                     the types and amounts of mold spores indoors vs. outdoors.
 Property Inspections: Learning the facts helps clients decide their selling price or offer.
                                       Our Inspections are specifically and only for mold and moisture.           

 Mold Remediation: Our modern, non-toxic treatment takes only 2 days! Safe, effective, economical.
                                   Our guaranteed price means no added costs.  We provide a Transferable 
                                   Certificate of Warranty.  We do Air Testing after remediation to document
                                   the results.       

   Call Mold Solutions to learn how we can help you serve more clients.  Also, we can give
             an informal talk with Q & A  or a certified Continuing Education class in your office
             or during a monthly Association meeting.  503.391.7779.  

            We provide services for residential and commercial properties in the Willamette Valley,
                      Portland Metro, the Oregon coast and Western Washington.           

                         Annette Sievert, Broker at Coldwell banker Valley Brokers says,
                  "OMG! The house has mold.  Is this the end of the world?  Actually, NO!
        A great person to talk with is Vince Gallagher at Mold Solutions. He has enormous knowledge,  
        gives you an honest opinion, is not an alarmist, and has a measured approach that is not 
        geared towards selling expensive remediation that is not needed.  Education, as he delivers it,
        enables buyers and sellers to make decisions based on facts, not drama."   



 Rentals:  Property Owners, Property Managers, Renters:                                                                Call us when you need facts about mold or moisture problems,                  
                   to schedule Air Testing, Mold and Moisture Inspections, 
                   or Mold Removal using modern, non-toxic methods.


Solving Mold Problems
   is our only business.
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