Services for Residential, Commercial​,
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       Mold and Moisture Inspections   
        Certified Inspectors evaluate your mold and moisture problems. If needed
        Mold Solutions can then create a remediation plan with an explanation of             our process and the cost.  These property evaluations are specifically and
        only for mold and moisture.  

        ​ Air Testing
         We collect air samples and send them to an independent lab 
         that documents the type and quantity of mold spores found indoors vs.
         outdoors.  We explain the emailed report and what it means for your
         indoor air quality. 
                                Lab results @ next business day! 

         Mold Remediation  
                        We use natural enzymes, which quickly
and safely remove mold and mold spores
in your home, including the HVAC system.
                                    We use NO toxic chemicals.
 Fast  -  Safe  -  Economical
May reduce or eliminate the need for tear-out and replacement.
Our Guaranteed Price means no added costs.
     Continuing Education Classes for Real Estate Professionals

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